Wednesday, August 17, 2011

day dream believer

today i'm going to unapply (is that a word?) for a job in dc. and hoping it wont be a big mistake. i applied because the go-getter in me is ready for this promotion. but, what i didn't consider was the daydreamer in me.

i have always been an expert at day dreaming. i build time into my schedule in hopes that i will avoid being late because who knows when my brain will decide to take a lil trip. sometimes my mind will fill with so many ideas i feel like my head is going to explode. this year i promised i would try to make some of these dreams come true. i finally started working in earnest on my fashion line. (check me out @reconstructpd . pics will be up soon!) i'm working on  building arts programming with a non profit (@csbc ) even got myself a fancy title as the director of arts and community outreach. trying to give the people of baltimore a chance to reach for the stars. and hey look at me...blogging. my third goal for the year.

but, i also have a real life job. one that i'm very good at and enjoy. which is amazing. and it's natural for me to want to succeed. i just feel like the two hour commute will leave only time for dreaming and take away time from making the dreams a reality. i guess what i'm doing is taking a chance on myself.

and really.....who else should you take a chance on?

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